Car &Transportation

Traveling within Rajasthan could be quite easy for the travelers. A state whose economy is largely dependent on travel and tourism the transport network of that state has to be good. Rajasthan`s transport system is quite impressive. Even if the travelers have a short time on their hands and are looking forward to a hurricane tour they will face absolutely no problems in this regard. Following are the various modes transport:

Air Transport: As far as air transport is concerned, Jaipur airport is Rajasthan's only international airport. There are other airports at Jodhpur and Udaipur while the one at Jaisalmer is only open from October to March. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways operate regular flights to Rajasthan from New Delhi and Mumbai. Most foreign tourists land either at New Delhi or Mumbai and then take a convenient connecting flight to any of the above-mentioned destinations of Rajasthan.

Rail: Indian railway is the world's biggest railway service and Rajasthan is well connected by the Indian Railway network. Almost all the important towns and cities of Rajasthan are well connected with the four principal metropolitan cities of India - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Bus: Rajasthan has a wide network of bus services. The government run Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation along with a dedicated bunch of professional private bus operators provide efficient bus services within Rajasthan. Jaipur is very well connected by buses from New Delhi's Bikaner. House, ISTD Bus Stand and Kale Khan. Buses leave New Delhi every 15 minutes.